The Ultimate Guide To Losing Belly Fat Fast

Losing Belly Fat Fast

There’s no arguing that losing belly fat has always been one of the biggest challenges of dieters throughout the years.

And most people are left wondering if it is even realistically possible to achieve their fat loss goals without diet pills, endless starving or working-out tirelessly every day.

There are also those dieters who come from the frame of mind that you can work on reducing fat directly in your belly if you do lots of sit-ups as well as crunches.

However, that mentality only leads to failure since spot reduction, or reducing fat in specific areas of the body, is just not possible.

You need to understand that if you want to lose fat in your entire midsection, you also need to lose the fat on the rest of your body too.

But the good news is that when you do this, it becomes possible for to have that flat tight tummy that you have always wanted, especially when done correctly with food and proper exercise.

Reducing Belly Fat Through Nutrition

In order to start losing belly fat, you have to start taking note of the foods that you eat each and every day.

Keeping track of your food is important because there are things that will easily add extra baggage to your waistline and there are also foods that can help you start melting the fat away.

You also need to be aware that it is not only the amount of foods that you eat but also the different types of foods that can affect the fat accumulation around your belly.

And we’re not just talking about high fat and high carb foods here.

People who eat a diet loaded with processed and chemically-laden foods are subjecting their bodies to a lot of stress that will end up causing fat gain.

Cortisol And Belly Fat

There are also people who are hooked on caffeine and nicotine, which we all know work as stimulants in the body.

These stimulating substances increase the heart rate and the level of the blood pressure.

As your heart rate and blood pressure level shoots up, the body automatically reacts to it.

One of the body’s responses to an increase in stress is a release in certain chemicals that result in an increase in the storage of calories as abdominal fat.

This process occurs because of the production of the hormone called cortisol.

This hormone is responsible for the storage of excess fat as a result of an increase in stress, especially in the tummy [1].

Abdominal fat is dangerous because it can lead to an increased risk of serious health conditions like cancer, diabetes and also heart diseases.

Why Insulin Makes You Fat

The body also produces a hormone called insulin that can easily promote weight gain which may also lead to health problems in the long run.

Insulin is a hormone that is needed by the body in order for blood sugar to be regulated properly; the more simple carbs you eat, the more insulin is released.

Artificial sweeteners may also cause the body to release insulin, even when the blood sugar levels are at a normal range.

This is why you may actually feel even hungrier after you have eaten foods that are loaded with artificial sweeteners.

The release of too much insulin not only makes you hungry, it also makes your body absorb blood sugar quickly and this process can make you store more sugars as belly fat.

Eating Healthy

Reducing accumulated fat in the tummy is possible through eating foods that actually do not trigger the release of excessive amounts of either insulin or cortisol.

These may include foods that are nutritious but are not rapidly digested like whole grain and whole wheat carbohydrate sources, lean meats, nuts, healthy oils, fresh berries and vegetables.

When it comes to reducing cortisol output, if you are someone who cannot stop drinking coffee, you may want to try drinking green tea instead.

Green tea does contain small amounts of caffeine but not as much as coffee.

Green tea can help boost your energy levels, plus it also contains phytonutrients that can provide you with health benefits as well as an increase in your metabolism.

Exercise For Burning Fat

For the maximum amount of fat loss, your program should be comprised of both a proper diet and a proper exercise program.

This means that you should include an effective exercise routine in your quest to get rid of your excess belly fat.

It may not be possible to “spot reduce” fat in the tummy area alone, but through regular cardio exercises and strength training, you may be able to get rid of excess flab on your body proportionately.

How To Get Six Pack Abs

If you are someone who would like to show off your six-pack abs, you need to eliminate belly fat first before you are able to see your abdominal muscles.

You probably already have a nice set of abs, they are just hidden beneath a layer of fat.

Cardiovascular Training

You don’t have to go to a commercial gym in order to get a good workout; you can simply choose other activities that burn calories.

Take a brisk walk, jogging around your block or at the park, swimming laps in a pool, take a martial arts class or simply stay active around your home such as working on your landscaping.

The main point is to select activities that you are able to do on a consistent basis, several times each week.

Once you get started, you will see and feel the constant improvement in the way your stomach looks over the course of time.

Strength Training

If you want the maximum fat loss from your efforts, you need to engage in some form of strength training in addition to your cardiovascular program.

When you gain lean muscle mass, you’ll have a more efficient metabolism that allows you to burn more calories and to store less fat in your abdominal region.

Just find the type of strength training exercises that will enjoy doing the most such as free-weights, machines, TRX Trainer or Kettlbells.

Strength training can be approached slightly differently that cardio training in that you only need to perform 3 sessions per week that are about 30 to 45 minutes in length.

You can train your entire body in one session or you can split up the body parts that you train each day.

For example, you can train legs on one day, chest and shoulders on another day and back and arms on the third day.

Just make sure that you are getting a leas a day of rest between resistance training sessions.

Proper Hydration

The last point we are going to cover here today is proper hydration.

Just as there is a need for you to get enough rest in between your workouts, there is also a need for you to keep your body well-hydrated.

Your body needs a sufficient amount of water in order for proper function and also in order for it to burn calories more effectively.

As a general rule of thumb, have aim for several eight-ounce glasses of water each day and you will be on the right track to lose belly fat fast.