Is Portion Control The Key To Weight Loss Success?

Portion Control When Eating Out

Food portion sizes are one of the many tricky culprits that can sabotage your healthy eating efforts and lead to weight gain.

When you attend a get-together with your friends at a restaurant or a catered event such as a social gathering, the food is often served in huge portions.

So if you really want to succeed with your weight loss plan, you need to be well aware of how important it is to take a look at how much food is actually on your plate.

Then the next step is to only eat a portion that is equal to what you would normally eat when you are prepping your food yourself, especially when you are given huge portions of carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, cakes and other foods with mountains of calories.

The key is to only eat enough on your plate to quell your hunger and then simply stop eating.

Once you have set your goal to lose weight and are committed to it, you just need to control the amount of food you eat at each meal to be successful.

And when you combine that with a regular exercise program, you can easily achieve the weight loss that you desire and maintain it for the long term.

Just think, of the new healthy you when you have lost all of that extra weight!

Eating Too Much Of Anything Is Bad

When dieting for weight loss, so many people fail to realize that eating the right kinds of foods that are normally termed “healthy” is not all that you have to worry about.

Eating too much of even the best fat burning foods will still at least leave you at your current size and might lead you to believe that there is no weight loss program out there that is going to work for you.

When you choose realtively healthy foods you are half way to where you want to be, but you also have to remember that the food portion sizes are just as important as getting what is good for you in your diet.

That, along with regular exercise, will truly be the keys you need to get those pounds off of your frame and to make you feel better and look slimmer each day.

Looking For Healthy Options Isn’t Enough

If you talk with a dietetition or weight loss specialist, they may tell you that controlling portion sizes of your meals is the biggest obstacle that dieters have to face.

When you go out to eat at a restaurant, you may find some healthy options on the menu that are on your meal plan, and those are a great idea when ordering.

However, what you may not realize is that the food portion sizes are often way too big, and you are packing on more calories than you think.

You may be putting less calories in your body than you would if you ordered something like a burger and fries or a steak dinner with a loaded baked potato, but you are still going to be getting too many extra calories that you body simply does not need.

So when dining out, cut the portion of food on your plate in hald and then ask for a take-out box and take the rest home.

The Dangers Of Low-Fat And Low-Carb Foods

When it comes to cutting calories, you also need to keep a watch out for food portion sizes when eating low-fat or low-carb foods.

Many think that because a particular food is labeled as health because it is low-carb or low-fat that they can eat more.

Low-carb simply means that it will contain more fat and low-fat means that it will be loaded with carbs.

Then you will only end up eating the same amount of calories you would have if you had just chose the regular version of the food.

This happens all of the time with low-carb or fat-free ice creams and cookies.

If you want to have these types of tasty treats in your diet, look for portion size information on the side of the package so you know what you are truly getting when you eat.

If you can’t stick with the size recommended, skip them all together.

Familiarize Yourself With Correct Food Portion Sizes

The best way to be sure you are getting the correct food portion sizes is to simply look them up online in a food database such as NutritionData or CalorieKing.

Health experts say that as a rule of thumb a portion of meat is the size of a deck of cards.

If you think about it, that is about the size of a small pork chop, a sirloin steak or a half of a chicken breast.

But the chances are good that when you are eating out you are eating much larger food portion sizes than that.

Look around and make sure you are sure of all sizes for many common foods, and then find good ways to measure.

If you have to get a scale to weigh your portions at home to get a good idea of how much you should eat when you are eating out, but that is far better than guessing.

It might seem like a pain at first, but once you memorize the sizes of good food portions and you start feeling and looking better, you are going to be thankful that you did it.

Ordering From The Right Menu

A simple trick that you can implement when you are eating out is to ask if you can have a smaller portion than the original meal or if you can order from the kids’ menu.

Also me sure to choose food from the healthy choices section of the menu too.

A lot of restaurants these days cater for people who are on a particular type of diet, so you may be lucky to find exactly what you are looking for.

You can even buy low-carb alternatives at some of the more popular fast food restaurant too.

Just ensure all the portions are of reasonable size, just to fill your appetite and not load your body system with an overabundance of calories that are going to be converted right to belly fat.


So the name of the game is to watch your portion sizes when eating out, no matter how healthy the food is, to avoid of overeating.

When you eat too many calories in one meal, the body does not know what to do with all the calories, so it converts it all to fat, which is not your aim.

You can succeed and achieve your dietary aims, when you maintain smaller food portion sizes and stay consistent with your diet.