6 Simple And Effective Diet Tricks to Lose Weight Fast!

Lose Weight Faster

Nearly everyone who is trying to slim down is dying to find out the most simple and effective way to lose weight fast.

You might have a high school reunion coming up or maybe you just need to lose a few pounds before swimsuit season begins.

No matter what the reason for shedding fat, there are many helpful tricks that will make the task a whole lot easier.

So here are five of the best tricks that you can use to start losing weight fast.

1. Be Mindful Of Food Intake

Being mindful of your food intake is one of the simplest and absolute best methods for shedding the pounds, and is a great place to start.

In fact, the average person takes in hundreds of unnecessary calories every single day.

Simply eliminating those little extras, such as a handful of chips or a few bites of cookie, can greatly reduce your overall calories for the day and help you lose a couple of sizes in no time at all.

2. Keep A Food Journal

This important point goes hand in hand with the first example in this list which is being mindful of every bit of food that you put into your mouth.

Most individuals find that keeping a daily a food journal helps them to avoid mindless eating throughout the day.

All you need is a simple notebook to keep track of how many calories you are taking in with each meal, but you can take it one step ahead and track the amounts of protein, carbs and fat too.

Write down the date, time of each of your meals and how much was consumed in order to see a clear picture of your total caloric intake.

This way, you have a source of accurate data to look which will tell you why you are either losing weight or why you are not.

3. Try a Liquid Diet

Going on an all liquid diet is another popular and effective method of shedding off your excess belly fat quickly.

This method is typically done by eliminating all solid foods and only consuming water or juice throughout the day.

In addition, some people also allow themselves to drink small amounts of chicken, beef or vegetable broth while following these types of diets.

This plan is highly effective and works quickly, but use caution as it should not be done for more than a week at any given time.

4. Use Meal Replacement Shakes

Another form of liquid diet that is highly effective for weight loss is meal replacement shakes.

MRP shakes come in a variety of tasty flavors and provide all of the nutrients needed for sustenance that you would normally get in a typical meal.

You can use the drinks for the first two meals of a day and then eat a small dinner during the evening consisting of solid food.

Many people have had a lot of success losing weight by replacing regular meal with shakes because of they are filling and also it is easy to control your calories.

5. Follow the HCG Diet

This is a controversial method, but many people have had success following the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or HCG dietary plan to take off weight fast.

This fat loss regime combines an injection of HCG hormones from your doctor with a low calorie eating plan and high fiber intake to help you shed the unwanted pounds.

Under a doctor’s supervision, many individuals have reported being able to consistently lose a couple pounds per week while on this diet.

6. Try The Cabbage Soup Diet

One practice to help you shed the pounds fast that has become a regular fad for weight loss is to eat meals consisting of nothing but cabbage for an entire week.

This particular vegetable is effective for weight loss because it is made up primarily of water, which helps to flush out all of the toxins inside a person’s body.

You can make a nice tasty soup and eat it like that or you can run it through a juicing machine to create a health and satisfying beverage.

Within a few days from starting this program, slowly begin adding in some additional foods such as a baked potato, banana or berries to the mix.


Following a plan that is specifically set up to help you lose weight quickly is the best way if you want to shed your belly fat fast.

The important thing is to be smart when following a fad dieting program so make sure that you do not take things to the extreme.

These types of programs are made to be followed for short periods of time only.

And to be on the safe side, make sure that you discuss everything with your doctor or licensed dietitian before implementing any eating regimen.

If you intend to use any type of supplements in addition to your diet program, be sure to get lots of water in order to stay hydrated.

In addition to eating right, don’t forget to get some exercise everyday such as walking and biking or by joining a local fitness center.