The Keys To Successful Dieting For Long Term Weight Loss

Long Term Weight Loss Strategies

Successful long term weight loss, regardless of the type of diet or nutritional program you are on, will only work if you can rely on your willpower and ability to stay within the parameters of the plan.

This means that you need to stick to the progam for months on end and maybe even for the rest of your life if you have a serious weight issue.

But any diet or weight loss nutrition plan that is solely based on willpower, denial and strict menu planning may not only result in failure, it could also make you feel worse about your self and body after the fact.

Is there any real solution?

Learning how hunger works is one smart way to lose weight for good.

What Is The Motivation For Losing Weight?

So why are you dieting anyway?

Maybe your ultimate goal is to step on the scale and weigh a certain weight, say for instance less than 135 lbs.

Or maybe you simply want to lose belly fat so you can fit into the same size that you wore during your senior year of high school.

You may also want to get into shape for a wedding you are going to attend in a couple of months or maybe a vacation.

Those may be fine goals to shoot for, but they’re not really what would be considered “great” goals.

A great goal is to feel good about yourself no matter what the circumstance is.

A great goal is loving and accepting yourself regardless of your appearance.

Weight loss, no matter what approach you use, is meaningless if you have a poor self-outlook in the first place.

Working on your self image is much more important than the numbers on the scale, getting six pack abs or being able to fit into a pair of size 0 jeans.

Feeling good, looking fit and having the stamina to hike up a mountain or do ten laps in a pool are more valuable goals than how much weight you’ve lost in the past week.

It’s all about going beyond diet and exercise!

No matter what route you choose, weight loss with any weight loss plan is going to fail you if you don’t have a healthy mindset and body image from the start.

But if you are emotionally and intellectually ready to get serious about losing weight, then you need only find the plan that works for you.

Achieving your weight loss goals could involve any type of program that includes a combination of eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly (which is the optimal way to lose weight).

Dieting May Not Be The Answer

Strict weight loss plans that require you to eat only certain foods in specific combinations may be impossible to sustain over your lifetime, which is why most people who try to lose weight with this type of dieting fail.

It’s all fine and good to stick to a certain set of eating habits for a week or even a few months.

As a matter of fact, that may be a great way for guaranteed short-term weight loss.

However, if you are looking for an apporach that will help you to lose weight for the long-term, you need a program where you can comfortably change your eating habits for the long term too.

Whenever you choose a new diet program or eating regimen, ask yourself if you can eat this way each and every week for an entire year or even more.

If you have children or a spouse to feed, you must also check to see whether they’ll be happy eating the new items on your menu, or if they’ll be comfortable eating different meals than you because you can’t endulge in pizza and burgers.

If you’re ignoring your eating disorder, body image problems, fear of intimacy, emotional issues, or food addiction when you go on a new diet, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

Simply weighing your food or counting calories doesn’t get to the root of the problem.

Why are you overweight?

What are you not letting yourself know?

Extra weight is sometimes simply your unexpressed desires and unlived dreams and there is no diet regimen that will help with that.

Designing A Long Term Weight Loss Plan

When it comes to finding a plan that can work for you, choose a weight loss program that is going to be able to suit your long-term lifestyle while also allowing you to eat out in restaurants and enjoy meals with your family too.

And make sure that you deal with any issues you have with food like emotional eating, binging, purging, obsessing, anorexia, drug addictions, etc. right from the beginning.

Figure out if your extra weight is hiding your unlived dreams and unexpressed hopes.

Then, start living and expressing your life as you wish it to be!